Marketing Your Real Estate Property In Calgary

Marketing ~ Our Action Plan

Our extensive knowledge and professional experience in the areas of Marketing and Media Buying, sets the McCabe Hughes Team apart from other industry members.

We are strong proponents of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, to strengthen our position on Google and drive more qualified people to our website, social media sites and our listings. We also sometimes utilize drones for fantastic aerial shots to really set your property apart for others.

We mix and match various advertising mediums when we create a custom plan including:

Full Colour Customized Brochures

Full colour, high-quality customized brochures ensure your home is well highlighted and remembered by potential buyers. Our brochures feature colour photographs of your home as well as neighborhood information, and may include floor plans and notable features.

Customized Advertising

We can create a custom advertising strategy utilizing online mediums such as Google Ad Words, Twitter and Facebook Ads, as well as numerous partner sites – occasionally utilizing traditional print/flyer advertising methods as well.

24 Hour Chat Capability

Our responsive website has chat capability allowing us to chat with potential buyers who may be looking at your property on our website. When we see that someone is viewing your property we can ask the prospect if they have any questions or whether they wish to set up a viewing.

Keeping You Informed

We have unique reporting abilities and will be sending you all kinds of reports! Of course we want you to know how many showings you have had and what the showing feedback was on each of them. In addition we can provide you with up to the minute information on how many people have viewed your listing online, how many times your property was marked as a “favorite” by a perspective buyer and the number of times it matched someone’s search parameters.