Trading Places Between the Inner-City and the Suburbs

Livia McCabe and Brendan Hughes are realtors with Re/Max Real Estate (Central) who’ve helped many people move from outer communities to downtown and vice versa. In their experience, the people moving into the city centre from the outskirts tend to be empty nesters looking to downsize and simplify in their retirement. “With the kids grown up and gone, most of them find their current property too large and in need of a large renovation,” says McCabe. “They would rather sell and find something turnkey that they could enjoy immediately.”

The opposite category is primarily made up of younger people looking to shift from renting to buying. “When they look at their preapproval amounts and the housing choices within their budget, as well as looking longer term to where young families are generally located and amenities for [growing families], many of them choose to move to the suburbs,” says McCabe.

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