Welcome to Varsity, NW

On January 5, 2016 the Calgary Real Estate Board updated their Calgary MLS community boundaries and names to align with the existing City of Calgary communities.  The changes came about in an effort to increase database integrity and eliminate naming communities that do not formally exist or are not formally recognized by the City. This allowed for both CREB and the City to better share, compare and analyze housing data.  Generally speaking the ‘Estate’ communities have disappeared and are incorporated into the surrounding communities.

As a result Varsity Acres, Varsity Village and Varsity Estates are now known as the single community named Varsity. 


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Varsity Estates Brochure

As residents of Varsity Estates since 2008 we love living here as much as you do. Our family has grown to love and enjoy the many unique amenities of Varsity Estates. Realizing your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make, we believe keeping you informed of current market trends and Varsity Estates home values is one of the greatest services we can provide.



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